How make Patterns Program in cpp

In this page, we will discuss creating C++ Pattern Programs, But before starting the C++ Pattern programs we will discuss the following questions.

Both questions are from my personal experience So it is possible that some do not agree with  us,

Is it mandatory to create patterns programs in C++?
Is Patterns programs are different from other normal Programs?.
How to create patterns Programs in C++? for beginners, sometimes making patterns maybe hard.

Let’s discuss them,

Patterns Programs will improve your Programming skill

If you are a beginner and you want to improve your programming skill, then it becomes mandatory to make patterns related programs.
doesn’t matter that all your concepts have not been completed yet. Maybe Quality is better than completing the concept.

In any programming language, when we talk about the basic concept, the control-statement has a major role in it. Control-statement is not just a definition where the condition becomes true then the body will be executed and become false body skip. it is a powerful feature of any Programming language,

  • We use the control statement to makes logic which is the basic structure of a program.
  • The data structure is completely dependent on the control-statement.
  • Using the control-statement concept i.e. with an array gives us other features of the array- sorting array-elements, binary search, tree, searching-elements, accessing elements manually etc.

There are all projects and complex programs on this website. In them, 80% of control-statement has been used while Oops concept has been used only to manage the large code.

Example- making heart, Swastik, Christmas tree, student management, loading bars, convert to numeric value into character form etc.

According to our experience, if you can make any patterns then you can make any programs. This improves your programming skills to a great extent.

so if you do not learn the patterns program in any programming language. So it may take a long time to get improved in your programming skill. it does not matter which language you worked on.

Patterns Programs vs Normal Programs

Let’s understand it from an example.

There is a program in which we have to add any two numbers. So how do we do it?

Simple, declare two variables using the arithmetic operator with them.

But how did we do it?

Because we already know how to add numbers in the real world.

just like that,

  • How do divisions and averages calculate?
  • What are LCM and HCF?
  • What are the negative and positive numbers?
  • How does a number table come out?

There are many such examples available and we have practiced all these examples before we start programming. We have only applied them in programs with the help of some operators.

and about patterns-

  • There are no specific operators to making patterns like- To add two numbers, only + sign is used.
  • Yes, we use different operators to create Patterns Programs in C++ or any languages, so there can be hundreds of ways to create the same patterns.
  • Because the same patterns can be made in many ways, meaning, the possibilities are obtained.

How to create C++ pattern programs?

हमने अभी ऊपर चर्चा किया कि pattern क्यों important हैं अब बारी है इसे बनाने की। परन्तु जैसा की हमने पहले ही कहा है patterns शुरुवात में कठिन लग सकते हैं। हम यहाँ पर चर्चा करेंगे की pattern कैसे बनाया जाय।

आप दो तरीके से pattern programming सीख सकते हैं –

Now we know how important pattern exercises are. But here now, the question arises how to make patterns?

For beginners, pattern programs can be a bit difficult at the beginning, but when you move forward, you will get both fun and interesting. for beginners To make a pattern, first draw it on a paper.

You have two ways to learn patterns programs,

  • Create the same pattern in different ways.
  • Draw different patterns in the same way.

Maybe both of them become a bit complicated for now?

Don’t worry when you make the patterns, then you will understand both these things. Forget it, for now.

We have already discussed that a pattern can be made in many ways. Here we will use the most commonly used method.

That is ROW and COLUMN.

Let us understand this with making a simple pattern,

Here we have created two programs.

In the first program, we have drawn a right angle,

Here is the code,

using namespace std;
int main()
    int row,i,j;
    cout<<"Enter the number: "; 

     for(i=1; i<=row; i++) // row
	for(j=1;j<=i;j++)  // column
	   cout<<" "<<j;    // print j value

return 0;


Enter Number of rows: 5

 1 2
 1 2 3
 1 2 3 4
 1 2 3 4 5

And here is the explanation


In the program we have used two loops, the first is outer-loop and second is inner-loop.

The first loop is used for the row of number meaning, what will be the size of the pattern.


While the second loop will print the pattern

Here is another one where we make a pyramid,

using namespace std;
 int main()
   int row,i,j,k;
   cout<<"Enter the number: ";


	   cout<<" ";

       for(k=1; k<=i*2-1; k++)


return 0;


Enter the number: 5



this program is a little bit different from the above pattern. as you can see this pyramid consist of two patterns,

Here we used three-loop to make a pyramid,

In this program, the 1st loop is representing the row of numbers as in the before program,

While the 2nd loop is printing a blank pattern because we have assigned a space to the variable j,

And the 3rd loop will print the pyramid,

In all the patterns given in this website, the first loop has been taken as a number of rows from which the input will be done by the user,

so the size of the pattern will depend on the user-input i.e. the higher digit will be making a large pattern.

In this website, you will find the following pattern programs,

here giving these patterns only means that we can create any pattern/programs from the control-statement.


create a rectangle of number of ascending order in C++
create a square of numbers of ascending and descending order in C++
create a right-angle of numbers of descending order as horizontally
create a right-angle of numbers of ascending order as vertically
create a right-angle of numbers of ascending order from right-side
create a reverse right-angle of numbers from right-side
create a reverse right-angle of numbers from left-side
create a reverse right-angle of descending numbers as horizontally from left-side
create a reverse right-angle of ascending numbers as vertically from left-side
create a reverse right-angle of descending numbers as vertically from left-side
create a complete right-angle of only ascending number
create a right-angle of odd numbers
create a pyramid of numbers as ascending and descending in c++
create a right-angle in a different way using alphabet character
create a right angle in a different way using alphabet character
creating a right-angle using ASCII code

create a solid square in c++
create a pyramid in c++
creating a reverse pyramid in c++
create a straight pyramid and reverse pyramid
create a triangle with  other reverse triangles
create an isosceles triangle in c++
create an equilateral triangle in c++
create a right-angle in c++
create an obtuse triangle in c++
create a rectangle in c++
create a square in c++
create hexagon in c++
create more than one pyramids in c++
create reverse to a straight pyramid in c++
create right-angle from the left and right side
create a straight and reverse right-angle in c++
create a butterfly pattern in c++
create a diamond pattern in c++
create lattu in c++

Whether it is a simple pattern like a triangle, square, right angle etc or other complex patterns like a heart, tree, shiv-Trishul, Himalayas, maps, etc.

The best way to learn pattern programs is to create a simple pattern in different ways, Means find different possibilities. Other patterns will be understood by you yourself. You will not have to understand them separately.


In the patterns, apart from the * sign, we can also use many more signs. Here are some of the below signs –

here the cout statement will not be used. Here we will use another function cprintf()

such as,

cprintf("%c", number);

Let’s try this with an example here, where we create a square.

using namespace std;
 int main()
    int i,j,n;
    cout<<"Enter Number of rows: "; cin>>n;

    for(i=1; i<=n; i++)
       for(j=1; j<=n*2; j++)
return 0;


Enter Number of rows: 5

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