found out structure size in C++

Here in this page, we will find out structure size in C++,

as mentioned earlier, we can find out the size of any data-type or variable from the sizeof operator.
The sizeof operator has also been used in the program given below.

To know the size of a structure, we first declare the structure-variable. The size of this structure-variable is the size of the structure itself.

Here is an example,

found out structure size using sizeof operator

using namespace std;
struct get_size
     int a;   // 2byte
     float b;  //4 byte
     char c;  //1 byte
  } x; 

   void main()
       cout<<"size of structure(in byte): "<<sizeof(x);


size of structure(in byte): 7


In the program, three types of data-member (int, float and char) of the structure test are declared and we know how much space they reserve in the data-type memory.

So here all the data-members total size

int + float + char = structure variable size

such as,

2 + 4 + 1 = 7 bytes

will be the size of the structure.

 structure and class are similar in most cases so Found out a class-variable size will be the same as the above program.

Note : structure and class always reserve the space in the memory after their variable or object declared. the declaration of both will not reserve the space in the memory.

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